Brabantia Bo Laundry Bin, 2 x 45 Lt Matt Black

KWD 84.000

2 x 45 litre – Matt Black
Choose your colour:Matt Black White
10 years warranty
Sort your laundry when putting it in the bin – two compartments.
Brabantia makes laundry day a fashionable event, with the 2×45 litre Bo Laundry Bin Hi. The cabinet-like design makes it a great decoration piece in the bedroom or bathroom. But there’s more to this laundry bin than lovely looks! Like its perfect height, smart ventilation holes and the two-compartment laundry bag inside for sorting laundry at the source. The nifty lid has a clever Quick-drop opening, significantly increasing the chance that the clothes of your family members actually end up in this laundry bin. The lid can be put upright too. On washdays, take it off to simply remove the perfectly fitting laundry bag inside and transport the load to your washing machine with the same ease. Sorted!
Benefits & Features
  • Sort your laundry when putting it in the bin – two compartments.
  • Handy – no need to open the lid thanks to Quick-drop opening.
  • Decorative – cabinet-like design, laundry hidden from view.
  • Kind to your back and cleaning underneath is easy – legs for perfect working height.
  • Easy to use – cotton laundry bag with smart Velcro closing (easy to put in and take out).
  • Portable and hygienic – removable, machine washable laundry bag inside (at 40°C).
  • Handsfree – lid can be placed on top of rim when adding or removing laundry.
  • Airy – ventilation holes allow laundry to breathe.
  • Space efficient – fits closely to the wall or conveniently in a corner.
  • Easy solid assembly – click-on legs with adjustable feet, non-slip base.
  • Ideal for the bathroom – made of durable corrosion resistant materials.
  • Problem-free use – 10 year guarantee and service.
  • Planet friendly – Cradle-to-Cradle® Certified, Bronze level.
  • More sustainable choice – made with 25% recycled material, 76% recyclable.
Made in: Belgium
Weight : 5.1 kg
Height: 79.0 cm
Length: 32.0 cm
Width: 54.0 cm
Capacity volume (ltr): 90 litres
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35 Liter, 50 Liter



At Brabantia we know that most people don’t like household chores. But since chores are something we spend years of our lives doing, we ought to try to make them fun, don't you think? For 100 years we have been helping you out, with beautifully designed products for waste management, washing and ironing, as well as for the kitchen and the bathroom. Brabantia products are sustainable


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