Bosch Car & Tools Set 3 in 1

KWD 13.950

  • The yellow car construction kit is one of the hits of the series. It is a toy that combines several important features: DIY, creativity and classic car play.
    Using the elements included in the set, the child can easily create 3 different vehicles – a classic pickup truck, a monster truck and a tug.
    Each of them is a very solid , great-looking car that will bring a lot of fun to a little car enthusiast.
    The manufacturer added an Ixolino screwdriver (battery operated) to the basic car and additional elements such as wheels , tow, screws, screwdriver, thanks to which we have everything you need for creative fun.
    All elements are made so precisely that even 3-year-old children are able to cope with the modification of the car, i.e. unscrewing and tightening the screws.
    The kit includes:

    Yellow car for turning 3 in 1;
    Toy Bosch Ixolino battery-operated screwdriver with left and right rotation and a sound effect imitating the work of the actual device.
    Bosch toy screwdriver.
    Two Red screws.
    Four interchangeable off-road wheels for the car.
    Towing hook that can be mounted on a car trailer.
    Additional car bonnet.
    Frame with reflectors that can be mounted on the car.

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