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Everyone loves a clean and tidy kitchen counter. We’ll show you how to keep things clutter-free and stylish. The key to freeing up space on your counter is organization. A few clever accessories will help organize your kitchen counter.

Food waste bin – make sure you place a small bin on your counter while you´re cooking. Just toss in all the vegetable waste and leftovers and empty it in the recycling bin later. This will keep food waste out of sight and prevent odors.

Drying rack – chose either an upright rack or a mat to drain and dry the dishes. A rack allows the dishes to dry naturally while a mat absorbs the drips. Both silicone and microfiber are non-slip – meaning your dishes won´t slip and break – and a microfiber mat is super-absorbent.

Dish brush and holder – never know where to put your dish brush? A neat holder that attaches to the sink will keep the brush safe and hygienic.

Cleaning pads – ideal to remove food from pots and pans and stoves.

Dishcloths – perfect for cleaning dishes, surfaces, mirrors and windows. They’re great to clean up the kitchen counter too.

Sink organizer – a must for every kitchen, large or small. Keep all your sink bits and pieces here such as dishcloths, pads and washing up liquid.

More tips to organise the kitchen counter

An organised kitchen has a place for everything. This means more space for preparation and cooking. Why not try these ideas to free up kitchen counter space?

  • A metal bar with hooks for utensils and cutting boards
  • A rack suspended from the ceiling for pots, pans and herbs
  • Hooks for towels and aprons
  • A wall-mounted kitchen roll holder
  • A magnetic knife/pan lid holder
  • Hooks inside cupboards for brushes and small pans
  • Baking trays and cutting boards stored upright in baskets

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